HSC 2021 Short Syllabus All Subject – Download PDF

Hi friends, how are you all? I hope everybody is fine. The pre-condition of achieving good result in the exam is a good preparation. If you want to take a good preparation for any test, you should first get an idea about the exam syllabus. In academic study, preparing for the exam without syllabus cannot be thought.

Hsc short syllabus pdf

Friends, in this post I will share H.S.C 2021 short syllabus for all subject. Hope this post will be useful to all the HSC students.

Compulsory Subjects Syllabus

Download all compulsory subject in pdf

SubjectDownload PDF
English 1st PaperDownload
English 2nd PaperDownload
Islam Shikkha 1st PaperDownload
Islam Shikkha 2nd PaperDownload

Science Subjects Syllabus

Download all Science subject in pdf

SubjectDownload PDF
Physics 1st paperDownload
Physics 2nd PaperDownload
Chemistry 1st PaperDownload
Chemistry 2nd PaperDownload
Biology 1st PaperDownload
Biology 2nd PaperDownload
Higher Mathematics 1st PaperDownload
Higher Mathematics 2nd PaperDownload
Soil Science 1st PaperDownload
Soil Science 2nd PaperDownload
Statistics 1st PaperDownload
Statistics 2nd PaperDownload

Business Studies Subjects Syllabus

Download all business studies subject in pdf

SubjectDownload PDF
Accounting 1st PaperDownload
Accounting 2nd PaperDownload
Business Organization and Management 1st PaperDownload
Business Organization and Management 2nd PaperDownload
Production Management & 1st PaperDownload
Production Management & Marketing 2nd PaperDownload
Finance, Banking & Insurance 1st PaperDownload
Finance, Banking & Insurance 2nd PaperDownload

Humanities Subjects Syllabus

Download all humanities subject in pdf

SubjectDownload PDF
Logic 1st PaperDownload
Logic 2nd PaperDownload
Economics 1st PaperDownload
Economics 2nd PaperDownload
Social Work 1st PaperDownload
Social Work 2nd PaperDownload
Geography 1st PaperDownload
Geography 2nd PaperDownload
Islamic History and Culture 1st PaperDownload
Islamic History and Culture 2nd PaperDownload
Civic and Good Governance 1st PaperDownload
Civic and Good Governance 2nd PaperDownload
Sociology 1st PaperDownload
Sociology 2nd PaperDownload
History 1st PaperDownload
History 2nd PaperDownload
Art & Textile 1st PaperDownload
Art & Textile 2nd PaperDownload
Psychology 1st PaperDownload
Psychology 2nd PaperDownload
Home Management 1st PaperDownload
Home Management 2nd PaperDownload
Home Science 1st PaperDownload
Home Science 2nd PaperDownload
Food & Nutrition 1st PaperDownload
Food & Nutrition 2nd PaperDownload
Art & Craft 1st PaperDownload
Art & Craft 2nd PaperDownload
Child Development 1st PaperDownload
Child Development 2nd PaperDownload
Agriculture 1st PaperDownload
Agriculture 2nd PaperDownload
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